What is ImproMove balance in practice?


Every rider, trainer and horseman or woman has their own perception and definition of balance. What’s yours

Posture and balance are essential for body stability, muscle development and durability in everyday life during training and competition.

A horse is the same length in the front and rear. Since it can’t coordinate permanently at low speeds (<50 KM/H), during its development it necessarily relies either on its anterior or posterior force, its joint angles are therefore not balanced with each other. Are you with me?

If your horse learns to work all 4 limbs on the ground at the same time, each limb takes the same load, so that the position of the limbs is between each other, the joint angles open and close with the same regularity and forward and backward movements work in perfect coordination.

As a reminder, Professor Denoix, a key figure in the equine world and one of the world's leading experts on locomotion remarked : "The mechanics of a horse's back require work on proprioception and coordination".

The most significant change is the beautification of the muscles. Each muscle works in perfect synergy, the muscle mass becomes distributed, dense and relaxed !

So there you are, ImproMove has been used for ages in the shadows and we are now passing this compelling and efficient method on to you

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