Impromove Control, energising balance


Designed at the same time as the previous one, the posterior postural boot, Impromove « Control », will be launched in spring 2019.

These boots play a complementary and essential role in a horse's locomotion, they regulate the movement of the hind legs between each other, which brings precision and optimal control over strength.

As an example: the controlled posterior force does not overflow onto the anterior balance (too great a posterior force can prevent the forward movement that everybody wants and cause movement restrictions, inflammation or even immobilization), but we’ll discuss this together soon because I am looking forward to your remarks and exchanges with the greatest interest!!!!

Just like Impromove Balance, Impromove Control should be used while respecting the logic and protocols that we strive to transmit to you as accurately as possible in the interest of our horses, our passion and the sport.

Thank you to all users, veterinarians, osteopaths and grooms for your trust.

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