ImproMove is the only brand whose equipment and
know-how are entirely dedicated
to improving locomotion

Impromove's technology improves locomotion. It works on the chestnut’s proprioception by bringing back the balance between the horse’s 4 limbs. This is called synchronization, i.e. the action of moving at the same time. The results are unequivocal: weight is balanced equally over all the horse’s limbs, and the leg muscles and structure develop equally.
Improvements you can expect when using Impromove: better balance, symmetry, regularity, serenity at work and metronome precision work.

Recommendations : Impromove boots and knee boots are postural equipment for horses that can only be used during training. Do not use in competition, racing and on convalescent horses.

Horse without ImproMove

According to studies* and observations, horses have evolved to be coordinated and "synchronize" at speeds of around 45km/hour. These speeds are never reached during training.

The speed at which the fore and hind legs move is different in every movement, so the amount of time each foot is placed on the ground is not the same. This creates a lack of coordination between the fore and hind quarters, or even between the fore and hind legs themselves.

Horses that cannot work their 4 limbs at the same time on the ground (without ImproMove) cannot optimise the balance of their structures (skeletons) because their muscles cannot work in total SYNERGY.

They lose their balance.
The horse is then built up on its dominant legs and reduces on its minor legs.

Horse with ImproMove balance and control

With ImproMove horses are perfectly balanced because they rest and move at the same time, with the same weight on each of their limbs.

Use them in training to balance the horse’s skeleton and muscles. Use them in rehabilitation, because each member takes the same weight, and there is no compensation phenomenon (from experience we have seen no recurrence of tendonitis if the horse is balanced right from its rehabilitation)

Reminder : working on a horses supports is essential to develop the deep muscles that are necessary to maintain bone structure, and therefore posture and supports, as in all sports.

As a reminder, muscles are energy reservoirs that are essential for the body to function properly and are therefore necessary for performance.


In a horse’s locomotion, each limb segment between two joints is identified independently. Any segment of a moving mechanism can be the site for a loss of balance leading to a kinetic disorder and resulting in the appearance of a compensating posture that can go as far as triggering lameness, reflecting the state of acquired mechanical decompensation.
A horse's entourage has always tried to Diagnose and Intervene in one or the other of these anatomical segments using mechanical influences to restore balance. Various types of horse-shoes have been developed, lead weights have been applied to different parts of the hoof, the distal phalanges have been wrapped in bell-shaped synthetic materials, and the fetlock joints wrapped in saddlery.
It was NEVER possible to fix a corrective weight above the carpal joint, i.e. the arm segment and in particular its distal part. These boots, which are unlike any other, correct this anatomical segment

l'optimisation des performances des chevaux avec les équipements impromove