Brice Goguet interview, creator of the Voltaire group

A year and a half ago, Brice GOGUET, creator of the Voltaire group, was introduced to Yael André and her posture boot concept. It was acquaintances they had in common, riders convinced by the IMPROMOVE boots, who led Brice to meet Yael.

What attracted you to the Impromove concept? What made you want to integrate posture boots into the Voltaire group?

I was excited for two main reasons: Yael, as a person and the product itself, the posture boots. Yael is a generous, honest person. It's nice to work with people who have a heart ! She also has a rather extraordinary and precious ability to analyze horses. As for the Impromove boots, they are super effective and are not restrictive for the horse. They help you to work the right way and the results are spectacular when you follow the protocol to the letter. Voltaire offers top-of-the-range riding saddles; and there is an obvious link between the horse's muscles, especially its back, and the saddles.

What did you think of boots before you met Impromove?

Before I discovered Impromove boots, I only knew about protective boots. I can also think of some hind boots, but these boots weren’t really made for a horse's well-being. For me, Impromove posture boots should not be called « boots » , because they are something completely different.

What do you think are the flaws of Impromove technology, the obstacles to the concept and what could be improved?

Impromove posture boots are a fabulous product, but they are hard for most riders to understand. When a saddle is sold, within 40 minutes of testing, the rider notices the difference, whether for the rider himself or for the horse. For Impromove products, you can’t tell the difference in 40 minutes. The main obstacle, in my opinion, is teaching; making riders understand that they need to try it and that they have to follow the protocol rigorously to get results.

Do you know any riders who have not been satisfied?

All the professionals I know who use the boots are delighted. They see a real difference! Those who are "not satisfied" are those... who have only tried it once or twice and have therefore not completed the protocol.

Do you have anything to say in conclusion? What message would you like to send to someone who doesn't know Impromove?

I am convinced that any rider striving for maximum performance must have a pair of IMPROMOVE boots.